SAFETY standards



All participants need to have their weapons chrono'd by an admin before they go onto the field. If you are going to be using more than one weapon during an event all of your weapons must be chrono'd and marked by an admin. If you bring a weapon onto the field that has not been chrono'd you will be immediately ejected from the field for the remainder of the day.


Weapons that are chrono'd will have a color-coded zip tie placed on them to show whether or not your gun can be used for CQB. If you gun is 'hotter' than 350 FPS then you cannot use it for CQB. If your gun is lower than 350 FPS then you can use it for CQB. The upper limit for all guns, with the exception of support weapons and sniper rifles, is 400 FPS.


We do not have a separate chrono set for DMRs. If you want to carry a DMR that's fine, as long as it chronos at or below 400 FPS.


Additionally, CO2-powered pistols need to be chrono'd and cannot be used if they chrono above 400 FPS. If they chrono above 350 they cannot be used for CQB.


Support weapons – Machine guns such as the RPK, PKM, M-60, M240 and M249 – are allowed to chrono up to 450 FPS, must be used to engage targets at least 50 feet away and may not be used for CQB.


Sniper rifles – Sniper rifles can be chrono’d up to 550 FPS but if you want to carry a sniper rifles in addition to chrono you must follow our guidelines for using sniper rifles. If there is an issue that arises with a person using a sniper rifle in an unsafe manner, that person will be asked to remove that weapon from play immediately. If the person refuses to do so, that person will be removed from the field immediately. For more information on our rules for using a sniper rifle click here.


Effective January 2014, all persons who want to use a Polar Star weapon need to have a tournament lock which can be affixed to the weapon after it has been chrono'd. When you bring your weapon to the chrono station, your weapon will be chrono'd, you will then place the tournament lock on your weapon and then it will be zip tied to confirm chrono on your weapon.


Persons without a tournament lock available will not be able to use that weapon during the event. Persons that attempt to adjust their weapon after it has been chrono'd will be removed from the event immediately.

Protective eye wear


All participants will be checked during registration to ensure they have ANSI-rated safety glasses or goggles. Anyone without ANSI-rated eyepro or stamped steel mesh goggles will not be allowed on the field.


ANSI-rated eye protection must be worn in the following areas at all times:


  1. Chrono Station

  2. While playing out on the property

If you remove your eye protection in these areas you will be immediately ejected from the field for the duration of the skirmish being played. If you receive a second warning during the same event you will be asked to leave the field and restricted from participating in the remainder of that event.


If you are engaged in combat and your protective eye wear fogs up to the point where you are unable to see you need to call out Blind Man and wait for an

Rules of Engagement

  1. The minimum engagement range outdoors is 20 feet.

  2. The minimum engagement range for CQB is 10 feet.

  3. The minimum engagement distance for a sniper rifle or support weapon (firing above 400 FPS) is 50 feet. There are no exceptions to this rule. If a person carrying a sniper rifle refuses to follow this rule that person will be immediately ejected from the field. Multiple infractions will result in permanent loss of privilege of carrying sniper rifle on the field. Refusal to comply will result in being banned from participation at future events.

  4. Grenades are any commercially-purchased device used to simulate a grenade such as a Tornado or Thunder-B. With these types of grenades, if a grenade that issues a loud report is thrown, anyone within 10 feet of the detonation of the grenade is assessed as a casualty. With grenades that issue a shower of BBs, you must be hit by the BBs in order to be assessed as a casualty. Rocks, tennis balls or pine cones are not grenades. If you have questions on whether certain types of grenades are allowed in a skirmish please ask.

  5. When you have the drop on someone and he is unaware of your presence you can attempt to do a “SAFETY KILL”. You do this by pointing your weapon at that person and yell “Safety Kill”. The person who has been safety killed must acknowledge that he is dead and call out “hit” or “dead”, put a dead rag on their head or hold their weapon over their head and then follow through with the applicable casualty-handling rules for the skirmish. If however the player that has been safety killed refuses to acknowledge they are dead and instead turns to engage the person who initiated the safety kill, that person can open fire. If this does happen please inform one of the admins at the end of the skirmish.

  6. If you have a training melee weapon, such as a rubber knife, you can attempt to do a "Ranger Kill." This is where you sneak up on a person and then tap them with the knife and say "Ranger Kill." The person who has been killed needs to honor that as if they were shot and pull out their dead rag. If they do not honor this, please let an admin know immediately.

  7. Blind firing is not allowed. Blind firing is what happens when you fire without seeing what you're shooting at, for example, pointing your weapon around a corner or holding it over your head and firing. Blind firing increases the odds of injury among participants. If you are caught blind firing by an admin you will be squared away immediately.

  8. Do not get into an altercation with another participant. If you feel that someone is cheating, not calling their shots, et cetera contact an admin immediately. Don't take it upon yourself to address the matter.

  9. You can parlay with another participant when two people have each other dead to rights. In this case either player may request a parlay. If the other person acknowledges then both players may move to different positions without firing a shot at each other. If both players do not agree to parlay the skirmish continues.

  10. A cease fire may be called by any participant on the field if there is an issue that requires addressing immediately such as an injury or altercation between participants. When someone calls cease fire everyone on the field will repeat the call, put their weapons on safe and wait in place until further instructions are given.

  11. In the case of a real world accident call a cease fire and contact an admin immediately. The skirmish suspends until the real world casualty receives medical treatment.

This list is subject to change and we will do our best to inform community members of those changes as necessary.


Basic Individual Safety


All personnel must follow these basic individual safety precautions.


  1. Participants need to wear boots and not tennis shoes

  2. Participants are responsible for carrying water on their person in the field. Canteens or Camelbaks are acceptable; walking around with a one-gallon water jug is not. Note that it is the individual's responsibility, not the event coordinator, for bringing water to the event.

  3. Participants need to bring any medicines they need such as inhalers, allergy medicine or bee sting kits.

  4. It is recommended that participants have a basic first aid kit with band aids and such available.

  5. During summer months, wearing a hat and sun block (and drinking a lot of water) is essential.

  6. Participants are required to have a barrel blocker and use it all times when in designated Safe Areas. Socks and gloves are not barrel blockers.

  7. Participants need to carry with them a red cloth that can be used as a dead rag.

  8. All participants need to sign a field waiver and Pegasus Airsoft waiver before participating in our events. Participants under 18 need to have their waivers countersigned by a parent or legal guardian. See link below for more information on the waiver as well as age limits for participation.

Safe Areas


These are designated areas where barrel blockers must be placed over the muzzle of your replica, magazines must be out and firing of your weapons is strictly prohibited.


The safe areas are located in the following areas no matter what field we are conducting our operations at:


  1. Parking areas

  2. Designated camping areas

Additionally the field may be declared safe after a cease fire is called. If a cease fire is called, participants are expected to stop shooting, drop their magazines and put their weapons on safe.

available administrator to take you to a safe area. Once the admin takes you to an area deemed safe you may remove your eye wear and defog them. This is the only time you will be allowed to remove your eye wear on the field of battle.

Real Steel


No real steel of any kind will be allowed to be displayed or carried by anyone at any time during any Pegasus Airsoft event without approval of admins for blank fire use.


If you have real steel, you make keep it in your vehicle, but you may not bring it on the field with you. If you want to show your real steel to friends in the parking lot you may do so, but the weapon must be unloaded at all times.


If you have a problem with this, please do not attend any events we host.


If you are caught with real steel on your person on the field and its not being used for blank fire a cease fire will immediately be called, you will be asked to leave the field and will be supervised as you pack your gear into your vehicle and leave the premises immediately. You will not be allowed to return to the field again.


The only exception to real steel being allowed on the field is for blank fire. Any weapons to be used for blank fire must be inspected, including all ammunition, prior to being loaded and used on the field.

Blank firing will be done by pointing weapons in the general direction of, but not directly at, other participants, firing the weapon at a 30 degree to 45 degree angle. The minimum distance that a person can blank fire a weapon at someone else is 30 feet. Blank firing cannot be done while inside buildings.

All weapons to be used for blank fire will be checked beforehand to ensure they have a blank firing adapter (with the exception of bolt action rifles such as Mosin Nagants or Lee Enfield rifles) and an admin will check to make sure all the ammo you intend to use is blank ammunition.


Alcohol and Drug Use


We understand that marijuana is legal in the State of Washington however marijuana, or any other drug, legal or otherwise, is not permitted at this event. Anyone found with or using drugs other than prescriptions will be asked to leave immediately.


Additionally, there will be no consumption of alcohol allowed on the field or immediately before taking to the field at our events.

Pegasus Airsoft Waiver


Each year participants need to have a signed copy of the Pegasus MilSim waiver on file. Click on the link below to download and print out the waiver.


Age Limit for Pegasus Airsoft events


The age limit for participation in all Pegasus MilSim events for unaccompanied minors is 16.


Participants under the age of 16 can only participate in any of our events if they are accompanied on the field at all times by a parent, legal guardian or family member above the age of 18.


There will be no exceptions to this rule, no matter how mature you think you are for your age. Our primary goal is the safety of all participants.

Pegasus milsim waiver

All players must fill out a waiver prior to participating in our events.  Your waiver will be kept on file for the calendar year.

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